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ASOP Canada Statement on Health Canada Interim Order to Prevent Diversion of Canada’s Drug Supply

TORONTO November 30, 2020 – In response to Health Canada’s release of an Interim Order (IO) to prevent the diversion of Health Canada-approved medicines, ASOP Canada issued the following statement:

“We applaud our government for issuing an Interim Order to restrict the bulk exportation of certain drugs intended for Canadians.  The Interim Order comes at a critical time, in advance of the U.S. FDA’s implementation of a Final Rule that would allow for bulk importation of certain prescription medicines from Canada.  As Canadians continue to suffer the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Interim Order will help ensure the stability and integrity of our Canadian pharmaceutical supply chain is maintained.

Over the past 15 months, ASOP Canada together with 14 other organizations, has continually raised concerns to Canada’s Prime Minister[1] and Health Minister[2] regarding U.S. importation proposals, and their impact on Canada’s drug supply. Our drug supply is meant for Canadians, not a country with a population 10 times our size. Canada already faces shortages for a range of life-saving, acute and chronic care medicines.

In addition to the impact that American importation could have on Canada’s drug supply, ASOP Canada fears that importation of Health Canada-approved medication by the U.S. could potentially drive Canadian and American patients to look for medicine through unconventional sources, like unlicensed, illegal internet online drug sellers and nefarious “pharmacies” that often distribute counterfeit, substandard or unapproved drugs.

We look forward to discussing the Interim Order with Health Canada to ensure the FDA Final Rule cannot be utilized to drain Canada’s critical drug supply to the United States.”


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ASOP Canada Chapter is a program of the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies which is a U.S. nonprofit tax-exempt social welfare organization organized to promote global policies and programs for improved patient safety involving online distribution of pharmaceutical products. ASOP Canada Chapter is not a separate legal entity.