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How to Stay Vigilant Online

Look for the Common Logo

You may have done all that you can to establish that the website you are buying your medicines from is legitimate.  The important thing now is to check the medicine itself and to continue doing so.  We have produced a simple checklist to help you do just that.


Check the Packaging:

  1. Familiarize yourself with every aspect of the packaging, the blister-pack (if there is one) and the medicine itself
  2. Each time you renew your prescription, compare these aspects against your previous pack. You are looking for even the tiniest difference in clarity of print, colour, seals, etc.
  3. Check that the medicine is in date and that the dosage is correct. Check that it has a patient information leaflet in the correct language

If you notice any differences in appearance, report them to your pharmacist and your national regulator straight away

Check the Medicine:

  1. Check carefully that it is consistent in colour and texture with your previous prescription
  2. Does it crumble?
  3. Does the colour differ from your normal medicine?
  4. Does it smell or taste different?

Think about keeping a diary of effects/side effects. If your medicine does not seem to be working as normal or if you notice new (or absent) side effects, you must report these to your doctor.

If you think you have received a falsified medicine, please report this to your doctor (for a replacement) and your national Drug Regulatory Authority.