ASOP Global began a China initiative during 2015, and activities included a report of the China internet drug sales problem with recommendations, a symposium titled “International Symposium on Drug Chain Security & Combating Counterfeit Drugs” organized with local China partners during 2016, and an ASOP Global delegation trip to China during 2017. Continued coordination with China FDA and China Stakeholders will take place during 2018 and ASOP Global is planning to organize a follow-up ASOP Global delegation to China during 2019.


ASOP Global has translated portions of the ASOP Global website and an ASOP Global public awareness brochure into Chinese, which have been added to the ASOP Global website.

ASOP Global China Internet Study

The following report analyzes the threat of the Chinese rogue internet pharmacy market in 2019. The Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP) Global contracted with LegitScript to prepare this study as part of the ASOP Global China Initiative. ASOP Global’s China initiative activities have included a 2015 report on the Chinese rogue internet pharmacy market, an October 2017 symposium in Beijing on combatting illegal online pharmaceutical sales, and a December 2018 delegation trip to Beijing. ASOP Global also met with China Food and Drug Administration, now China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), during previous trips to Beijing. ASOP Global will coordinate with NMPA regarding the findings of this report.