Latin America


ASOP Global began a Latin America initiative, with an initial focus on Mexico and Brazil during 2018. Attached are portions of the ASOP Global website translated into Spanish and Portuguese. ASOP Global is collaborating with Latin American partners to expand awareness and protections with respect to the dangers of substandard and falsified (S&F) medicines, both from unregulated online pharmacies and brick-and-mortar outlets including botanicas, bodegas, pulperías, and flea markets.

ASOP Global will initially focus its Latin America Initiative on Mexico and Brazil, with anticipated future expansion to other Latin American countries. ASOP Global made an initial trip to Mexico and Brazil during September 2018 and meet with Mexico and Brazil industry associations, US Embassy staff, USFDA, Mexico COFEPRIS, Brazil ANVISA, potential partners and stakeholders. Based upon this initial trip to Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Brasilia there is strong support for ASOP Global’s mission in Mexico and Brazil and there are significant partnership opportunities. Below are ASOP Global blogs on the Mexico and Brazil trips providing additional details.

ASOP Global will organize separate delegation trips to Mexico and Brazil during 2019 for follow-up activities and meetings with new Mexico and Brazil government officials. The 2019 trip will be timed to take place after the Mexico and Brazil elections for meeting with new government officials in Mexico City and Brasilia.