ASOP Canada Members and Observers

The Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies – Canada (ASOP Canada) consists of pharmacists, community pharmacies, distributors and standards organizations. ASOP Global members include pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers, parallel traders, and online intermediaries, such as logistics and postal companies, ISPs and platforms, search engines, and financial service providers that transact payments.

ASOP Canada Members

ASOP Canada Observers


ASOP Canada’s members are dedicated to increasing patient safety online and campaigning for tough action against illegal online sellers of falsified or substandard medicines. . Our goal is to make positive change to improve patient safety online and ensure that Canada plays an important role in combatting this growing challenge to the country’s public health, safety and security.

Partners are kept abreast of developments by newsletters and ASOP Global’s four quarterly teleconference jurisdictional meetings connecting all Members and Observers worldwide.

Membership Benefits

  • Advance patient safety in Canada
  • Help determine and drive the organization’s Canada work plan, including:
  • Steer and participate in meetings with Canadian government officials and lawmakers;
  • Influence the annual strategy;
  • Share insights and data;
  • Have access to ASOP Global’s “one-stop shop” of resources and information related to illegal online sales and Internet pharmacy policy issues;
  • Get focused attention from ASOP Global to connect with your goals in Canada

Observer Benefits

Observers support ASOP Global’s work and mission within Canada and abroad but prefer to not join as a Member due to the nature of their organization, their bylaws or internal policy on membership in coalitions, and/or in light.

If you would like to join ASOP Canada as either a member or observer, please contact Dani Peters at

ASOP Canada Calls on Policy and Decisionmakers

Canada has a favourable international reputation, however, it is being utilized to promote the sale of falsified or substandard pharmaceutical products through illegal online pharmacies, both in Canada and abroad.  The falsified market of pharmaceuticals places patients lives at risk, while also funding organized crime and terrorist networks. Canada can demonstrate leadership at the global stage by leading initiatives to better protect consumers in Canada and around the world from illegal online sellers of medicines.

Canada’s leadership on the issue of online pharmacies could benefit areas that include:

  • Partner with global coalition memberships to inform consumers ( or patients/caregivers) about the risks of purchasing from illegal online pharmacies publicly on an international stage
  • Strengthening enforcement actions against sellers and traffickers of falsified/substandard medicines by fostering stronger Canada-US border cooperation and enforcement
  • Conduct national strategy, education and awareness programs to support a stakeholder dialogue involving all players that can directly or indirectly prevent illegal online pharmacies selling medicines to patients

In return, the members of ASOP Canada undertake to work in partnership with policymakers to provide information on the illegal activities of rogue online pharmacies, raise awareness of those acting within the legal and regulatory framework, and to collaborate in developing policies and concrete actions to tackle this serious threat to patients.