European Union

ASOP EU Mission, Strategy and Goals

Mission Statement

“Together we will create an environment that enables patients to buy their medicines online safely (where permitted by law).”

Strategy Statement

“Our coalition will champion, drive and support powerful outcome-oriented initiatives that will make the buying of medicines online as safe as possible.”


  • Direct action, to prevent illegal websites from appearing on the internet and common methodology for removing illegal pharmacies, with effective sharing of information amongst stakeholders such as the EU Commission, EDQM – Council of Europe, The EU Parliament, law enforcement bodies and regulatory Member State agencies
  • Expert support to implement the internet pharmacy provisions of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive in the most secure way with special emphasis on the successful implementation of the Common Logo. Close liaison with Member State implementers will be important and a number of “Sharing best practice” meetings have occurred and more will take place in the future
  • Pan-European awareness campaigns to educate patients about illegal online drug sellers