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ASOP EU & Youth IGF Join Forces To Educate Youth Around the World of Fake Medicines Being Sold on the Internet

June 3, 2019Buying medicines from unsafe sources can be dangerous and perhaps even deadly.

More and more people turn to the Internet for goods and services, and medicines are not an exception to this growing trend.

At any one time, there are approximately 35,000 active online pharmacies websites. However, 96% of these websites are illegal and unsafe, operating outside the scope of relevant laws  and  pharmacy  practice  standards. Medicines sold by illegal online sellers are often fake, containing too much, too little, or no active ingredients. Even worse, these fakes may be made using dangerous and deadly substances, like fentanyl, floor wax, mercury, concrete, road tar, paint thinner, anti-freeze and other poisons. However, resources focused on simple messages are available to ensure that patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and others can stay safe online.

The non-profit organisations, the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy in the EU (ASOP EU) and Together against Cybercrime International (TaC) are working together to provide support and educational materials for young Ambassadors from the Youth IGF Movement (operated by TaC) in many countries around the world.

With the programme recognised and endorsed by the UN Internet Governance Forum, a series of events to raise visibility and awareness are planned in more than 30 countries beginning on 6th June 2019, marking World Anti- Counterfeiting Day. Youth IGF activities serve as a hub to deliver capacity- building sessions to the young via the ‘Train the Trainer’ approach, and to raise awareness on health safety.





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The Youth IGF is a global movement that operates as a multi-stakeholder platform. It allows the young (15-30 years old) to discuss and take a lead on issues related to Internet governance. Youth IGF Movement centres its activities on the organisation of annual events, debates and talks, as well as training, capacity building and awareness-raising sessions on subjects related to internet governance. A number of countries are implementing targeted projects either locally or nationally.

The movement is administered by an international NGO, TaC-Together against Cybercrime International. TaC International is both non-profit and neutral. More infrmation at :



The Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy in the EU (ASOP EU) is a not for profit Community Interest Company and represents a multi-sectorial coalition of organisations and individuals, dedicated to creating an environment that enables patients to buy their medicines online safely (where it is legal to do so). To find out more about ASOP EU and ASOP Global please visit the website