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ASOP Global Statement on Largest U.S. Multi-Agency Investigation to Disrupt Sales of Illegal and Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

May 10, 2018 – Yesterday, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer announced that law enforcement agents from California and Arizona took action in one of the largest multi-agency investigations ever in the U.S. against the sale of counterfeit drugs. Agents raided 22 businesses targeting illegal sellers – including bodegas, flea markets and storefront pharmacies – peddling counterfeit medications, seizing 438,000 doses of illegal and counterfeit pharmaceuticals.  As a result, Feuer filed three separate lawsuits against eight defendants.


In response to these law enforcement actions, Libby Baney, Founder and Executive Director, issued the following statement on behalf of ASOP Global:

“While patients may think they’re getting a bargain by buying medicines at unverified local markets and online shops, they’re really getting a raw deal. As this enforcement action evidences, the medicines sold by unverified sources are illicit and dangerous. The products seized by law enforcement this week were unregulated and fake; at best they wouldn’t work as intended, at worst they‘d cause harm or death. Patients deserve better. That’s why the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP Global) is launching a new campaign with our members GoodRx, RefillWise and NeedyMeds to help educate patients on ways to save and stay safe, whether buying local or online.”


ASOP Global is pleased to announce its partnership with ASOP Global Board Member RefillWise and members GoodRx and NeedyMeds to continue educating patients on the risks of buying prescription medicines from unverified sources. For more information, see our informational brochures:


ASOP Global Ways to Save and Stay Safe When Buying Prescription Medicine – English Version

ASOP Global Ways to Save and Stay Safe When Buying Prescription Medicine – Spanish Version



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