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ASOP Global CanadaDrugs Statement

ASOP Global is pleased that CanadaDrugs case has been settled after years of hard work by U.S. government, federal and state law enforcement and prosecutors to get justice for American patients and their families. On April 13, 2018  a Montana federal court sentenced CanadaDrugs to pay $34 million for importing counterfeit cancer medicines and other unapproved pharmaceuticals into the U.S. (link to DOJ-USAO MT Press Release). In business for more than 17 years, CanadaDrugs purported to provide Americans access to safe, affordable medicines. As this case evidenced, CanadaDrugs did no such thing.

Illegal online sale of counterfeit medicine is big business, and CanadaDrugs was a leader in the online pharmacy market. Having CanadaDrugs and their affiliates offline is a major win for patients. Yes, it took too long and the penalty – a modest fine and five years’ probation for CEO Kris Thorkelson – is too light given the harms caused, but ASOP Global is heartened that patients will soon no longer be duped by CanadaDrug’s slick scheme. ASOP Global applauds the diligence of U.S. and Canadian agencies and officials involved in this multi-jurisdictional pursuit of justice.  We hope this case will serve as a concrete reminder to Americans: buying medicine from Canadian online pharmacies is too often unsafe and can kill.



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